Deactivation of Tamedia user data tracking 

Tamedia uses cookies on its digital platforms and further digital data created by you in order to display content and services that are relevant for you and to enhance both your online experience as well as our content.

Please use the deactivation form provided below if you do not wish your digital user data to be saved by Tamedia and used for the purposes specified in the Privacy Statement. The deactivation tool will save a cookie in your browser or on your end device. If you change browser, use another device or delete your cookies, you will have to complete the deactivation process a second time.

In order to deactivate Tamedia user data tracking, please click on the following link.

Deactivate Tamedia user data tracking

In order to achieve the same effect on mobile end devices, please activate the "Limit Ad Tracking" setting on iOS, "Opt Out of Interest-Based Ads" for Android devices or "Set advertising ID off" for Windows 10 devices. For more precise indications you are invited to contact your smart phone manufacturer.

Even after Tamedia user data tracking has been deactivated, it cannot be excluded that third parties, such as e.g. advertising networks, may continue to record and analyse your user data on Tamedia activities. Some of your data will be required in order to create a link to the online content of Tamedia and will thus also need to be saved temporarily.  

Tamedia will not accept any liability for potential loss of performance or damage that may arise from the incorrect application of these instructions. Any adjustment by Tamedia of the deactivation of user data tracking will be announced in advance on this page. 

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