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Live Audience Insights

Live Audience Insights makes user interaction data accessible for Tamedia in real time. Thanks to specific tools and interfaces, user profiles such as sociodemographic information, interests and intent will be aggregated and processed to provide the basis for a number of data projects ultimately aimed at providing a better user experience within all Tamedia products.

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Image Classifier

With the Image Classifier, users will be able to effortlessly post an ad on the platform thanks to state of the art object detection algorithms. The service will speed up the ad publication process by automatically recognizing the object of the listing, assigning it to the best category and subcategory as well as suggesting the most appropriate title for the post.

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Atlas is a Meta-Data warehouse for automated digital business management. It helps portfolio companies identify and monitor unified financial and business KPIs for Tamedia. Atlas comes with an easy to use interface which will be customized according to the specific stakeholder group, whether management, finance, strategy or marketing to provide straightforward insights into the required KPIs.

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Tamedia Recommender is a product developed for Tamedia Publishing. The service makes personalized article recommendations to readers based on user preferences, interests and past reading behavior. The news recommender engine automatically optimizes the selection based on live data to improve CTR and user experience with more relevant and customized content from Newsnet titles.

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Project API

Project API aims at making data from publishing and the portfolio companies more accessible through a common API gateway. This platform can also serve as a marketplace for data and services from Tamedia towards the market.

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12App RoboEditor

12-APP RoboEditor was developed to predict an article’s success and support the manual work of selecting articles and compiling 12App editions. It has been developed to become scalable and support other Tamedia titles in the future. The RoboEditor received international press coverage at

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