Tradono is the new flea market app in Switzerland, freely downloadable on App Store or Google Play. With its Instagram-like feed, the app shows items near you and lets you create free ads for your own Tradono shop with only a few clicks. Using Tradono is quick and fun. But there’s more behind it. Tradono shares a mission and a vision that are strictly connected: promoting sustainable consumption by making secondhand as easy and convenient as possible.

The start-up was founded in Copenhagen back in 2014, based on the strong idea of encouraging reusing and recycling by connecting pre-loved stuff with new owners in an innovative way. It was an instant success and at the beginning of 2016 the app was launched in Switzerland, first in the Romandie and a few months after in the German area as well. One of the main goals of the Swiss Team is to build a strong and active community.

Therefore, at the end of September 2016 Tradono Switzerland took part in the event Marché Sans Puces in Geneva as a partner, an appointment for collectors and creators to present their second hand articles. Together with some experienced users of the app, the Tradono Swiss team welcomed the event visitors with cool giveaways, told them everything about the app and helped them to create their own profile.

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