Investment strategy

We help smart startups to establish and enhance their products and services. We also offer them tools and strategies that facilitate their quest for market supremacy. We also assist our holdings with their strategic planning activities and offer them shared services and networking platforms. Our collaboration with these entrepreneurs is focused on the pursuit of long-term goals. In order to achieve these goals, we provide our companies with investment and tap synergies with our existing holdings. The broad reach of Tamedia’s various media outlets and the access to discounted advertising space is, of course, an invaluable resource. We also offer integration and the potential for partnerships within the group.

Our focus

We are looking for innovative business models for the digital world that are disruptive and scalable. Our requirements: a strong startup team and either initial revenues or completion of successful pilot projects.

We focus on the following topics:

  • Classifieds
  • Marketplaces
  • Disruptive Internet Services

Tamedia is also interested in exciting business ideas from the fields of publishing and ad technology.

Robin Simon

Robin Simon

Head of Product Innovation Tamedia

+41 44 248 43 74

Andreas Schlenker

Andreas Schlenker

Head of M&A - Digital

+41 44 248 43 18

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