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Do you want to take part in creating digital products that are used by millions of people? Take part in our user studies and give your feedback about various products at Tamedia. On top of our eternal gratitude and your impact on continuously improving our products, you will also be generously compensated for your time and effort.

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Click the link below to join our Usability Lab. You'll be taken to our testerpool, where you can sign up to view and access all our current user testings. Your data will only be used for our user studies in the Usability Lab.

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On our testerpool you can apply to any of our studies. If we invite you, we’ll give you all the details about time, location and method. User studies can take place in a Tamedia office, a Tamedia owned company office or online via your computer or your smartphone.

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On testerpool you can view the reward we offer for each study before you sign up. We will be forever grateful for your help in making Tamedia products the best they can be.

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