Vision and Mission: What drives us and where we want to be

Our Mission

We help you make sense of an increasingly complex world with a wide range of perspectives and by offering structure and choices to our customers.

Our Identity

We are proud of our heritage and keep our eyes on the world. As Switzerland’s leading private media group, we see digitalisation as the foremost opportunity to reach new customers and markets. We are independent and our philosophy is grounded in the principles of a free society. As a driver of innovation, combining content and technology, Tamedia, our employees and partners have been successfully shaping the future since 1893.

Our Vision

We want to become one of Europe’s leading digital media enterprises by 2020, providing strong journalism, attractive advertising options and services.

Guiding Principles: the way we work

Variety under one roof

The wide variety of experience, skills, services and locations adds value and provides unique opportunities for further progress and improvement.

Achieving the best results together

We nurture excellence: an advanced, contemporary work environment, provide opportunities for continuing personal and shared growth and an inspiring open culture. We are open to persuasive arguments and encourage respectful and constructive interactions. We are committed to equal opportunities, regardless of gender, age or background. We promote collaboration, group-wide teamwork and a global perspective.

Enjoying success – now and in the future

We are shaping the future: we apply our strength, creativity and passion to develop state-of-the-art products using our entrepreneurial spirit, creative drive, conservation of resources and our commitment to quality.

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