Meet our employees and learn more about their personal motivation.

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Valérie Henzen

Team Lead of Product-Management 20 Minuten

I joined 20 Minuten, Switzerland’s most widely circulated media title, in 2013. I’m proud to work here because it gives me an opportunity to develop myself, not just professionally but also as a person. My daily routine is very multifaceted and teamwork is a top priority for us. The atmosphere is laid-back and it often feels more like a start-up than a major corporation. Thanks to the modern workplace infrastructure and cloud-based technical solutions, we’re free to arrange our own daily routine.

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Dejan Vukic

Team Leader at the Zurich printing facility

I’ve been Team Leader at the printing facility in Zurich for several years. In this role I have to adhere to schedules while also maintaining quality standards. Producing the various newspapers and supplements demands a high level of concentration and attention. I enjoy working here with colleagues of different nationalities and faiths. In our working environment, we’re constantly finding new ways to prove ourselves and move forward.

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Robin Simon

Head of Product Innovation Tamedia

I’ve been working at Tamedia since the end of 2014 and am now responsible for product innovation and startup relations. This isn’t just an extremely multifaceted role; it also shows that Tamedia is thinking about digital transformation. Tamedia is a company I can identify with, which is very important for me. Every day you hear friends and strangers talking about Ricardo, Homegate and our other sites, which shows that we’re working on really relevant issues that benefit millions of people each day. What’s more, we’re not fussed about hierarchy and this isn’t a dog-eat-dog society – though you will see dogs running around in the hallway. The only things missing at Tamedia are even more dogs and a music room with a drum kit and electric guitars right next to the relaxation room.

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Fabian Mettler

Senior Application Engineer Tamedia

I work as a Senior Application Engineer in the Core Engineering Team at Tamedia. In my job, I advise and support Tamedia’s portfolio companies such as, 20 Minuten and on a range of software engineering issues. One day I’m developing a new prototype with our data scientists, the next I’m organising Tamedia’s participation in HackZurich, Europe’s biggest hackathon. That makes for an extremely varied daily routine. For me, working at Tamedia is brilliant – I’ve never worked for such a big company that is so agile and dynamic.

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Daniel Mönch

Project Manager in Corporate Development & Projects 

I’ve been working at Tamedia as a Project Manager in the Corporate Development & Projects department since 2015. The unique atmosphere and the different cultures within the company are a constant source of inspiration for me. My daily routine is characterised by interesting and diversified projects on a wide range of themes – from strategic issues and organisational projects to activities in the field of mergers and acquisitions. What makes my work as part of Tamedia’s internal consulting team particularly appealing is the chance to interact cooperatively with motivated colleagues from all departments within Tamedia, as well as exciting personalities from the Management Board.

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Nicola Diaz

Marketing Consultant at

I joined, Switzerland’s leading real estate portal, more than a decade ago. Starting in customer services, I ran that department for about six years. Since 2014 I’ve been a Sales Manager, travelling around each day to look after our corporate clients. I’m proud to have been part of the success story of for such a long time, during which I’ve been able to develop myself not just professionally but also as a person. Having regular contact with different people from the real estate sector keeps my daily routine varied and interesting. Tamedia has been very successful in the digital field in recent years. Innovation and team spirit are a top priority at Tamedia, which makes for a great working environment and has a positive influence on our daily routine and motivation.

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