24 heures + Journal de Morges

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Tailored offers for every advertising customer.

Standard formats

Combination 24 heures (total print run) + Journal de Morges (increased circulation).
Insertion conditions: One single order, the same format, the same advertising campaign. Publication of the two advertisements within 30 days.

Formats Formats in mm Rate b/w Colour(s)  
1/2 page 143 x 440 / 290 x 220 8 005,30 13 753
1/4 page 143 x 220 / 290 x 110 4 002,65 6 961,50

Various categories: Buy-Sell-Trade, Official and Financial Notices, Political Ads, Personal Ads-Friendships, Excursions-Leisure-Cuisine, Vehicles, Education, Real Estate, Employment.
Gross prices in Swiss francs, excluding 7.7% VAT


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24 heures + Journal de Morges

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