Delivery deadlines
Standard formats: 3 working days before the start of the campaign.
Special formats: 5 working days before the start of the campaign.

[email protected]

Number of subjects
Max. 3 subjects allowed for physical delivery.
For more subjects, a third-party tag must be supplied.
The replacement of physical subjects during an ongoing campaign is only permitted in exceptional cases.

There are no limits on the length of the animation within an advertising banner. However, the recommended maximum length is 30 seconds.

Activation only through user interaction. Attention: InApp iOS only possible without sound.

Flash files are not permitted.


  • All third-party tags, tag-in-tags and references in an HTML5 file must be delivered via SSL (https://).
  • HTML5
  • The maximum weight (according to the specifications) refers to all files together, in unzipped state.
  • The target URL and tracking must be stored in the HTML5 banner.
  • The target URL must be opened in a new tab (target=‘_blank’).
  • It must be possible to perform advert tests locally in the browser.
  • UTF-8 encoding
    Special characters that are not displayed correctly in the browser with UTF-8 must be encoded manually (for example, ä instead of ä).
  • References in adverts to external resources (JS libraries, videos, fonts) must be supplied in SSL (https://) format.

General information

  • A prompt start to the campaign is only guaranteed if delivery deadlines are observed.
  • The advertiser is responsible for advertising media working smoothly.
  • A campaign may be suspended if it does not meet the specifications.

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